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Reimagining Feedback
in the Generative Age

With our unique tools, you and your students can rapidly author AI assistants.
You customize the AI agents with the personas, protocols, and frameworks that you value.

Choose a set of Writing Partners and make your own

When you join, we invite you to choose one of these sets of Writing Partners.
We also give you a few student samples to explore how it works for yourself.

Safest, most ethical way to learn with and about AI

Co-Created by teachers and students
for teachers and students

Teachers in subscribed schools and districts create groups for their classes, then invite their students
to upload and revise their writing based on feedback from teachers, peers, and AI Writing Partners.

  • Safety: The power of OpenAI used on a closed, fully protected platform
  • Fully Customizable: Teachers and students have the ability to use our carefully curated preloaded Writing Partners or create their own
  • Domain Expertise: Created by writing researchers and educators with decades of experience teaching writing and studying composition
  • Productivity: Instantaneous review and feedback of student writing
  • Stronger Relationships: Our unique AI prompting tools can deepen the dialogue between students and teachers about what truly matters in writing.


Institute for the Habits of Mind
National Writing Project Studio
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  • Compose or copy and paste your text into the "Create Document" box.
  • "Invite" others to comment on your writing.
  • Give and get feedback by double-clicking on a sentence or a paragraph number and leave comments.
  • You can also "Suggest Revision" for another user's sentences and paragraphs.

Using Writing Partners

  • Hit "Ask AI", then choose a "Writing Partner" from the drop-down menu.
  • Pose a question and get helpful feedback within seconds.
  • Follow links within the AI results to relevant guides ready to support your learning.
  • Revise and edit your writing right next to the AI comments and the comments of others.
  • Get the responses you find most helpful by making your own "Writing Partners"

Choose a framework to start.

  • Practice commenting on a few student essays we have provided for you to experiment.
  • Go through a second time on each essay, click "Ask AI" choose a "Writing Partner" from the drop-down menu.
  • Ask a question of the Writing Partner, then wait for a response.
  • Resubmit or edit the response before you hit "Start Conversation".
  • You can also "Reply with AI".

Practice in one of these groups with pre-loaded Writing Partners

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